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Cabs Slush Machine

Coffee Queen M2/A2 View Brochure/Specs

Faby Skyline is a multifunction slush machine that can produce and dispense

products such as slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and alcohol-based products.

Thanks to particular design choices and the use of plastic panels, it has been

possible to create a design with the best air circulation in the category, giving

the cooling system a long life and high performance even in extreme conditions.

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CAB Faby skyline

Coffee Queen M2/A2

CAB MisSofty

View Brochure/Specs

View Brochure/Specs

 MisSofy is a machine with patented vertical movement system which allows

the production and dispensing of products such as frozen yogurt, sof ice cream

and cold alcohol-based desserts. The use of a stirrer specially made for this

type of machine allows the processing of any type of product, making MisSofy

a versatile and reliable machine

Omni Blend - Bar blender

View Brochure/Specs

View Brochure/Specs

3 Year warranty on the motor, with the option to extend.